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Translation Payments
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We have included this page to make sure that our customers have complete convenience when ordering our translations.  Now you may process your payment directly from this page.  It's easy, convenient and fast!

How to Process your Payment:

This page is divided into two sections:
  • Quote Deposits:  You may process your deposit using your quote number, and immediately start the process for your translation. 
  • Final Payment:  You may process your final payment upon receiving your translation, using your invoice number (invoice will be sent together with your translation).

Your Quote or Invoice Numbers will be listed on the corresponding section.  Simply identify your number and click on it.  The general details of your translation will appear, a payment serial number (provided to you with quote or invoice, this is done to make sure that you have clicked on the right number) together with the amount to be processed. 
It's that simple and easy! 
Privacy and Confidentiality:  Your privacy is always protected with us.  Upon clicking on the quote and invoice numbers the only information provided is the general description of your translation and the payment serial number. Your name, company, contact and personal information is never disclosed.
TipPlease double-check your quote number or invoice number to make sure that you are clicking on the right one. 

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Quote Deposits

Q1262  Payment Received Thank you!

Q6013  Payment Received Thank You!

Q4271  Payment Received Thank You!

Q2350  Payment Received Thank You!


Q1228  Payment Received Thank You!


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Final Payment

IN209856  Payment Received Thank You!
IN325687  Payment Received Thank You!
IN247810  Payment Received Thank You!
IN325688  Payment Received Thank You!
IN248811  Payment Received Thank You!
IN326527  Payment Received Thank You!
IN457210  Payment Received Thank You!

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