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English to Spanish and Spanish to English 100% Guaranteed Translations


           Product Catalog

          Product Guide

          Internet or Web Pages



          Information Requests



          Business Communications

          Power Point Presentations




          Reports:  monthly, trimestrals, and annuals



          General Documents

 Do not allow it!  You can not afford to lose a sale because you send information only in the English language.  You have the opportunity of sending your information in the language that it is being requested. (Spanish)

 Multiply the audience for your products or services, publish all of your literature in an additional language.  Your marketing message will reach a bigger audience which will result in more customers and more sales.

 Pro-Fam Virtual Office Translations is an excellent alternative for your business needs.  We offer a variety of services for businesses with translating needs.  You can use our corporate contracts, which allow you to save money if you will be using our services on a regular basis.  Or you may choose one of our regular special priced packages for your translations. 

 Businesses today are implementing different markets into their customer base and the translation of their business related literature is very important, in order to provide the customer with the information and services that they need.  If your business is now expanding globally we can help you reach your spanish speaking prospects with our translation services.

Many businesses receive multiple requests for their products and services in the spanish language.  If their isnt a person who speaks and understands spanish, maybe the business would not be able to fulfill the clients request.  We can help you translate the request so that you may understand it, and we will translate your response into the spanish language that it was requested.  This is a win-win situation where you will gain another customer if the information that you wish to give is understood.

 All of our translations for your business are 100% guaranteed and are treated  with the upmost professionalism, attention and care that they deserve.  Our goal is to make your communication with spanish prospects easier and more effective than ever!

 Do you need ongoing support with your spanish speaking customers?  No problem you may combine our translation services with our virtual administrative services and we will help you communicate effectively!


Human Resources Department

           Employment Applications

          Procedures Guide or Manual

          Employee Information Card

          Employee Newsletters

          Vacant Positions Posting and Description

          Company Rules

          Training Material:

1.           Manuals

2.           Video & Audio Cassettes

3.           Presentations

4.           Letters

5.           Posters and Signs

          Presidents message to local and international headquarters employees

          Employee Internet Information Pages

          Presentation Material for Job Fairs

          Safety and Security Procedures Manual or News


          Cover letters

          General Documents and Literature

  There is absolutely no doubt that an effective communication with your employees must exist, this is the key to success in any business.  When the communication chain breaks between employees and management this may result in mistakes that can cost the company lots of money.

 Effective communication with your employees is needed to avoid accidents, mistakes and at the same time to help raise productivity levels.  When employess can fully understand your message it helps them to work in a precise and acceptable manner allowing your company to produce your products with the highest possible quality.

 If your company recognizes that an effective communication with employees is one of the most powerful assets that it may have, translating your literature is an excellent alternative.

 We at Pro-Fam Virtual Office & Advertising, recognize that effective communication is essential for a company to reach its goals and productivity standards.  We familiarize with your company, your procedures and your literature to provide you with the best possible translations so that you can get your message across to the spanish language employees at your company.

Your Success is Our Success!

Marketing & Promotion Department
 We can translate your:

           Product Guide Book

          Product Catalog



          Press Releases


          Sales literature



          Magazine & Newspaper Advertisements

          Direct mail communications

          Posters& Displays

          Radio Advertisements

          Television Advertisements

          E-marketing Literature

          Power Point and other Presentations

We always emphasize on the importance that reaching the international market has.  It is a fact that not everyone is able to understand the english language.  No matter what type of marketing strategies you are using it will not work on the people that do not understand english.  A foreign language marketing strategy is essential for an effective marketing campaign.

Your marketing message will be studied closely, this way we can provide an accurate translation without changing the type of approach that you wish to use for your customers.  This is an important factor because a translation must be correctly formatted to communicate your message accurately.  Beware of a translation that is correct in wording but not in transmitting the message that was intended.  We will analyze every aspect of your literature very carefully, we take in consideration form, content, marketing strategy and message. 

 We want to help you promote your products or services accurately.  If your business already has spanish prospects, now is the perfect time to provide them with spanish literature.  This will result in more sales and much more customer satisfaction for repeat sales!

Schools, Students and Personal Translations
  • Term Papers
  • Proyects
  • Posters
  • Invitations
  • Letters
  • General Papers
  • General Documents
  • School Newspapers

We offer translations for general student papers and proyects.   Translations of school newsletters, invitations, and general parent communications.  This is an excellent alternative for students majoring in foreign languages and Schools that have a high hispanic population. 



Proof-Reading and Editing Services
If your literature is already translated and you wish to have a second opinion about them we provide this service to you.  We will proof-read your document and correct any mistakes or errors that may have occured while they were being translated.
  • Proof-reading
  • Editing as Needed

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