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Pro-Fam Virtual Office Translations
Our Rates
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Pro-Fam Virtual Office Translations provides excellent prices that you can afford.  We provide personalized quotes according to your needs and budget.

Basic Rates
Basic Rate:
  • 10 cents per word in the source language, to as low as
  • 2 cents per word in the source language

Corporate Contracts:  Save Money!

  • Corporate contracts are provided to companies who will need a large volume of translations.  Corporate contracts offer rates as low as 2cents per word.  Ask us a about our Corporate Contracts

Most of our services are provided through quotes.  A quote helps both us and our customers, pricing is done according to format, software, legibility or clarity of the document or material, volume, time limit for completion and many other factors.  By providing our customer with a quote, we inform of the total cost for the service before beginning to work on it.  Requesting a quote for your translating needs also protects you from having extra charges hidden from you.  We prefer to work with quotes since this is a clear method for our customers.

Elements Considered for providing pricing:

  • Format
  • Content
  • Layout
  • Legibility or Clarity
  • Software or Program that original document is saved in.
  • Time Limit for completion of work
  • Volume or Amount of work to be translated
  • Budget
  • Others

Request a Free No-Obligation Quote Now!
Just fill in the following request form, with the details of your translation needs, and we will submit the information promptly.  You may also inquire about our services or any doubts that you may have using this form. 
Looking forward to service your translation needs,
Pro-Fam Virtual Office Translations

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